About the Rescue Squad

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           Groton Rescue was formed during the time when the two man police department found that 1 officer who responds to accidents and other medical situations could not do the investigating, escort the ambulance, direct traffic, care for patients who were waiting for ambulance, and do a hundred other jobs was not feasible. Firemen were helpful, but not really prepared for medical situations. Eddy Nehls discussed this with several people in 1981 & 1982 and the Groton Rescue Squad was born in January 1983 after several problems with ambulance trying to respond to Groton calls in Aberdeen, or getting lost in rural Groton. The original members include Ed Nehls, Alfred “Topper” Tastad, Melinda Eikamp, Dale Ringgenberg, Vivian Luce, Linda Wright, Lori Tastad. The next meetings added Harlan “Butch” Radke, Leonard “Butch” Eikamp, Nancy Larsen and several others. Originally, the dispatcher (wife of officer on duty) would telephone members when the officer went on a call that he thought he could use medical assistance and the members traveled by private vehicle to the scene. The first officers were: President Topper Tastad, Vice President Linda Wright, Secretary Melinda Eikamp and Treasurer Vivian Luce. The City agreed to provide a vehicle for the members and the equipment to be transported and vehicle maintenance, a pager system for notification, and insurance. The members would take a first aid course and respond without any pay at any time they were called upon.

            Members have come and gone. The service has grown over the years to include being at all athletic events, hosting training for members and other interested groups, fund raisers. Today the squad includes 10 members, most with EMT training. The officers in 2021 were: President Charity Hinman, Vice President Dale Ringgenberg, Secretary /Treasurer Nancy Larsen, Training Officer Patti Woods.